Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm working feverishly on assembling all the parts and pieces for the 'West Coast' car. Tons of things to order and rearrange. Wyatt is here a work with me for a few minutes...... He has learned how to "bum-skoot" along the floor. He is not into crawling so he may go right into walking! Talked to all my friends about the race car the last couple of days. Hopefully the things we discussed will help me get it one step closer for the Edmonton race in July!
My sister Darlene comes home in a week haven't seen her since Christmas - can't wait!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm back home from Mission, British Columbia. The race weekend was a success on many different levels - We made our first 250+ mile per hour pass and we won our first NHRA round of eliminations for 2009 and we work through the adversity of a new trailer and race program.
Al Ohman worked his tail off everyday along with Kyle, Pat and of course my Dad. I can't thank those guys enough for all their hard work. I got to meet a bunch of Eddy's crew guys which are great group of guys dedicated to racing and winning. (Thanks again Brad for the ice cream)
I want to thank the Plazier family for the great dinner and all the lunches they brought over to us. All in all a great first weekend! - Now back to WORK!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everything is race ready! This will be the first race that Julie and Wyatt will ride together with me in the transport truck......... I'm really excited to see if Wyatt likes riding in the 'Big Truck'. If stops raining I'm going to head home and cut the grass. If there is internet @ Norwalk I will give daily updates if not check out my TWITTER site I'll be posting on there.
Well this is officially the first blog! I'm excited about giving my friends and fans an inside look at the race team and the things going on with the race car. Right now I'm heading out the the race shop to meet George from Auto Trim so he can stick the new Atchison Machine logo on the car and Start loading the trailer for the Norwalk Division race.